Our History

Starting out as a family business in 1880 by the name of Kabul House, we built our way into the timeless world of carpets. The art and craft of weaving carpets has been passed down through generations. Weaved together knot after knot, our beautiful and rich hand-knotted carpets came to life to bring warmth and beauty to our customers homes.

Bringing in the flavours and paying homage to the Oriental and Central Asian cultures, our business of hand-knotted carpets began to gain favour with our customers and we expanded by sharing our love and flair for hand-knotted carpets around the world as Pak Oriental Carpets. We strive to stay true to the original process of carpet weaving which dates back at least 2500 years.

Hand Knotted Carpets

The final product goes through numerous processes, from the first step of collecting material to produce yarn, washing, dying to the more intricate and time-consuming process of hand weaving. Each carpet is the work of an experienced weaver who puts in their love, effort and creativity towards creating a piece of art. By creating a work friendly environment based on mutual trust and respect, our weavers are able to do what they do best. Apart from manufacturing we are a large retail business as well providing our buyers with the essence and designs of around the globe. Pak Oriental Carpets has a sister branch as Persian Oriental Carpet.

For hundreds of years, we have been furnishing your homes with exquisite hand-knotted carpets. Our catalogue boasts of a variety of the most renowned and top quality carpets woven in countless patterns and finest materials;

– Persian carpets

– Pakistani carpets

– Kurdish carpets

– Central Asian carpets

– Caucasian Carpets

– Turkmen carpets

– Chinese carpets

– Indian carpets

Through our beautiful carpets and designs, you can traverse the splendour of the globe.

In an ever changing world of globalisation, we have worked towards keeping our hand-knotted carpet weaving heritage intact. Our journey from manufacturers of hand-knotted carpets into a professional and sophisticated system of retailers has allowed us to come a long way.

Today, we have one of the most premium systems of manufacturing and global distribution network and are thought to be one of the best in terms of craftsmanship and quality. We have devoted our time and effort towards building a structure which provides you with uncompromised quality products and generational artistry. We are known to provide our family of customers with authentic and long-established standards of craftsmanship and quality with style.